Platinum Inside

  • Thorough vacuum of seats, carpets, boot and all nooks and crannies
  • Mats treated with Traffic Film Remover to loosen embedded dirt
  • Mats jet washed to removed cleaning agents and ground in dirt
  • Moisture removed from mats with a wet vacuum
  • Deodorisation & Sterilisation Thermal Fog Process
  • Brisk interior shampoo applied to carpets Carpets
  • Thoroughly scrubbed to remove stains and dirt
  • Wet vaxed to remove moisture
    • Upholstery Seats
      • Brisk interior shampoo applied to upholstery seats
      • Thoroughly scrubbed to remove stains and dirt
      • Wet vacuumed to remove moisture
    • Leather Seats
    • Wiped down with G101 interior cleaner
    • Connolly moisturiser worked in to replenish nutrients
  • All plastics treated with G101 interior cleaner
  • Media system, dash clocks, air vents, centre console and storage compartment treated and cleaned
  • Non-smear degreaser used to clean all interior glass to a crystal-clear finish
  • Roof lining cleaned

Platinum Contactless Wash (PH Neutral)

  • Alkaline based wheel alloy cleaner applied to wheels and under arches
  • Treat bodywork with Red 7 Iron and brake dust decontaminator
  • Snow foam Pro (PH Neutral) Applied over Red 7 to loosen embedded contaminates
  • Cleaning agents rinsed off with a high-powered jet
  • Wash the entire vehicle using auto shampoo with hand mit then rinsed
  • Towel dried and prepped for polish application
  • Aquaseal applied to paintwork with foam cannon and allowed to sit
  • Rinse off Aquaseal to bring out the depth of colour and a high gloss finish
  • Non-smear degreaser used to clean all exterior glass and mirrors to a crystal-clear finish
  • Dress tyres and exterior unpainted trims to restore shine and longevity
If the inside of the vehicle is in a bad condition i.e dog hair or sand, more time may be needed to bring the vehicle up to the high standard you would expect. In this case the “Platinum Plus” option should be ticked in the booking process.