Upholstery Wash

  • Thanks to the techniques we use we can clean and sanitize your vehicle and make it a safe environment for you and your family.
  • The products we use ……
    • Autosmart products to shampoo seats
    • Karcher wet Vax with Autosmart
    • Brisk Extra upholstery cleaner
    • For bad stains like body fluids we use the same method using Autosmart Brisk Bio which include enzymes that feed and break down bio matter safely and effectively getting rid of those nasty smells
    • Mould or ground in dirt are treated with the Karcher upholstery steam cleaner
    • We have our sterilisation and deodorant machine, the chemicals heating up to expel the gas killing all germs and bacterial matter, which also cleans the air con system
  • Please be aware of a possible extra charge for dense pet hairs, chewing gum, sticky sweets, tar, vomit or blood.